Biographical Information
In the Comics: En Sabah Nur
Real Name: En Sabah Nur
Alias: Apocalypse
Age: Over 5000 years old
Species: Mutant
Originally From: Ancient Egypt
Relatives: Bandit Tribe

Baal (Adoptive Father)

Affiliations: Apocalypse Horsemen

Horses of Apocalypse
Mesmero (Servant)
Mystical Arachnid (Guardian)
Eye of Ages
The Key
Three Doors
Tomb of Apocalypse

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blue (Youth)
Eye color: Red
Character Information
Powers: Enhanced strength, speed
telekinesis, telepathy
First appearance: Dark Horizon II
Portrayed by: David Kaye

Apocalypse (born En Sabah Nur) is one of the world's first mutants who planned to remake the world in his own image.

Character Male Mutants Leader  Season 3 Season 4
"I have planned nothing. I am but an instrument of destiny... The future came to me in that craft. I have embraced it, and merged with its technology, so that I may lead the evolution of the human race"
—Apocalypse to Charles Xavier


Apocalypse is a silent-yet-powerful mutant, trained since childhood to become even more powerful by his adoptive father's training. He is a powerful schemer, having planned his goals for a long time. He sees himself as an instrument of fate, which will push the evolution of humankind even further. This all seems to indicate that he has a god complex.

Physical appearance

Powers and Abilities

Apocalypse possesses a multitude of powers derived from his original mutation, the powers of several other characters the technology of the Eye of Ages that he merged with thousands of years later. All in all, Apocalypse can be considered one of (if not) the most powerful mutants currently on Earth.

  • Enhanced Condition: His original mutation gave him a grey complexion and enhanced physical capabilities -- strength, speed, reflexes, metabolism, durability and endurance. His physical capabilities were further advanced after gaining the powers of various other mutants. To the point where he can casually create shock waves powerful enough to instantly defeat the X-men and Acolytes combined with a single clap.
  • Life-Force Absorption: Like Rogue, his original mutation also allowed him to be able to absorb the life-force and powers of others. After being imprisoned, he lost most of his life-force, but after absorbing the multiple life-force energies Rogue had collected from other mutants (the X-men, Brotherhood and Acolytes) his life-force was restored. Apocalypse also has control over this ability as he can use the powers of others at will without struggling for control with the absorbed psyches, unlike Rogue.
    • Telepathy: He has the combined telepathy of both Charlies Xavier and Jean Grey. Making him a very advanced telepathy, capable of defeating Professor Xavier, who was using Cerebro to amplify his own power.
    • Telekinesis: He also possesses Jean Grey's telekinesis. Which borders on matter manipulation and allows him to levitate.
    • Phasing: He is shown to have Kitty Pryde's phasing ability, as he phases through a sentinel.
    • Magnetic Shield: He can generate impenetrable, purple energy barriers, able to withstand any blast of human artillery even multiple satellites falling from space left no scratch on them. Only sub-atomic disruption technology can effectively disrupt the force fields. This ability is likely a variation of Magneto's magnetic shield.
    • Translocation: As a variation of Nightcrawler's abilities, he was able to teleport Magneto, Professor Xavier, and Storm into his pyramid with a mere wave of his hand.
  • Bio-Technological Fusion: After merging with the Eye of Ages, his powers were greatly enhanced far beyond their original capabilities. As a result of merging with the Eye of Ages, he developed a myriad of superhuman powers.
    • Technopathy: He can even take possession of technology. This has been seen when he phased into a Sentinel robot, which turned blue as a result of possession.
    • Shape-Shifting: He has self-molecular structure manipulation in order to alter and modify any part of his physiology to enhance his powers, increase his size, or even transform any part of his body into a weapon as seen when he transformed his arm into a laser cannon. He can even regenerate and heal himself.
    • Limited Creation: He was also able to create a perfect clone of Mystique or perhaps a copy of her body, as her original body was trapped in a stone form and later shattered by Rogue, however, it was more than likely that Apocalypse was strong enough to make a stone replica of her that used her actual body as a starting point, teleporting her to a safe location for later.
    • Mind Control: His technology allows him to take control of other mutants, like he did with Magneto, Mystique, Storm, and Charles Xavier, transforming them into his Four Horsemen. 
    • X-Gene Enhancement: He can enhance the powers of any mutant he chooses, like he did with Magneto, Mystique, Storm, and Charles Xavier.
    • Space-Time Traveling: The technology was also capable of traveling through time and space.
  • Combatant: Since he was found by Baal in Egypt, Apocalypse trained under his tutelage, learning swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. His adoptive father considered his outstanding strength and speed unnatural.

Early Life

Apocalypse, as a infant, was abandoned in the middle of the Egyptian desert thousands of years ago. He was rescued by a tribe of bandits as the group found him by hearing his cries and adopted him. He soon became the best warrior of his tribe to the point he was considered unbeatable. The Pharaoh Rama-Tut, who came from another time and possessed futuristic technology, feared Apocalypse. So, he sent his army to attack Apocalypse's tribe, killing everyone including his adoptive father, Baal.

Rama-Tut was unsuccessful as Apocalypse's anger grew so strong that he killed off the rest of the enemies. Apocalypse attempted to hunt down Rama-Tut but he fled, leaving behind some of his advanced technology. One such device was the Eye of Ages, which would give Apocalypse the tool to change all of humanity into mutants, but many would not survive the transformation. When he learned how to harness its power, he decided to use his own body to power the device. When he started using the device, it started sucking life out of him, and he was betrayed by his servants who caged him in it. Buried in the mountains of Tibet, his servants put the Eye of Ages in a chamber sealed behind three doors that would take the power of a mutant to unlock. They left behind Hieroglyphics warning of Apocalypse to further prevent his escape.

Season 2

Mesmero offers to help resurrect Apocalypse so, to open the first door out of three to Apocalypse's chamber, he mind-controlled Jean, Kurt, Spyke and Shadowcat to fetch mysterious rings around the world. He succeeds, and it happens that those rings are put on a special bar to make a literal key.

Season 3


Apocalypse entering the Eye of Ages.

For the second key, Mastermind, who was with Magneto, reads his mind and, from what he saw in Mesmero's mind, told The Master of Magnetism that there are two halves to an ancient artifact. When the two halves are joined, they form a huge spider that will be the key to the 2nd door. It happened to actually be the guardian for the second door, so, when Magneto destroyed it, the second door opened.

For the third key, Mesmero mind-controls Rogue to absorb all the X-Men's, Brotherhood's, and Acolyte's powers. He uses Mystique to open the door to the chamber by having her place her hands on a Mystical Stand that tuns her entire body to stone, and Rogue then gives Apocalypse his powers.

Season 4

Magneto attacked him (by using the remains of some robots and satellites), but he is supposedly killed by him. Then Professor X and Storm tried to talk to him, however, he did not agree with them and supposedly killed them, too.

Later, as he sets up the four pyramids to turn the world's population into mutants, he uses his Four Horsemen, Xavier, Magneto, Storm, and Mystique, who were merely mind-controlled and enhanced, to guard the pyramids and the Sphinx. After a while of battling, the slaves seem to have won until Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Cyclops breach his pyramid. Wolverine then sends Nightcrawler to scout ahead but Apocalypse knocks him out cold. Then Mystique (controlled by Apocalypse) then knocks out Cyclops. Then all of Apocalypse's slaves are out cold.

Rogue, by then using the powers of Dorian Leech, attempts to shut down Apocalypse in his tomb and does it with help from Wolverine, trapping Apocalypse in time forever.

But it is suspected that Apocalypse will one day return.


  • As he was abandoned, it is unknown who his birth parents were.
  • It is unknown if this incarnation of Apocalypse possesses immortality in addition to his other powers. Although he was weakened by the Eye of Ages when he initially used it over 5,000 years prior, it is more than likely that the Eye of Ages preserved him rather than through his natural mutant abilities.
  • This is the second episode to hint at Apocalypse. The first was in Season Two's Mindbender. [1]
  • En Sabah Nur's history's before he became Apocalypse is partially revealed. [2]
  • The rest of En Sabah Nur's history's on how he became Apocalypse is revealed. [3]
  • Pyro, Iceman and Apocalypse are shown using their powers multiple times, but have no Lines in Dark Horizon I. [3]
  • Apocalypse appears, but on only as a video recording in Cajun Spice. [4]
  • It has been two weeks since they last faced Apocalypse. [5]
  • Pyro, Mesmero, and Apocalypse all appear, but have no lines in Impact. [5]
  • Magneto and Apocalypse are both mentioned, but do not appear. in No Good Deed. [6]
  • Apocalypse makes his first vocal appearance in Ascension I. [7]


Other faces of Apocalypse

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