Bayville Cheerleaders
Strategy - Cheerleaders 2
Biographical Information
Name: Bayville Cheerleaders
Age: 14-18
Takes Place At: Bayville High School
Team Members:

Savannah Monroe
Dan Perkins


Bayville Football Team

Gender: Females
Episode Information
First appearance: Strategy X

Season One

On a cool Friday night, the Bayville Football team is playing a game and a winning by a long shot. Ducan Matthews and two other football players see Todd Tolansky picking pockets at the game and ask to be excused by their coach. The coach looks at the score and tells them they can go, but to hustle back. They confront Todd, but before they can hurt him, Scott Summers gets involved. A fight erupts between Duncan and Scott. Jean Grey arrives and shouts, causing Scott to pause in his attack, making him get a punch in the jaw. This causes his glassess to come off and his mutant powers to hit Duncan at full blast, and hit a propane tank, causing an explosion. The cheerleaders are shown to be some of the people screaming and running for cover.

Duncan is later found, diagnosed with a concussion, and the explosion is telepathically influenced by Charles Xavier to make look like a propane tank got a leak. Sending their quarterback, Duncan Matthews to the hospital with a head injury and the game was apparently never finished.

A food fight break out in the cafeteria, started between Duncan Matthews and Fred Dukes after Fred breaks a chair sitting down, causing food to spill over the football players and cheerleaders.