Beast of Burden
Issue Seven, Pages 23
Comic 7
Release Date May 30th, 2002
Written by Devin Grayson
Episode Guide
Just Like You
Angel Underground


THE STORY: Meet the new recruits: Iceman, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Multiple, and Boom Boom! Looks like it’s time to bring in some more teachers -- and luckily, Professor X gets an application from Hank McCoy, a.k.a. the bouncing blue Beast!!




Comic 7 - Page 1
Comic 7 - Page 1 II
Comic 7 - Page 2
Comic 7 - Page 2II
Comic 7 - Page 3
Comic 7 - Page 3II
Comic 7 - Page 4
Comic 7 - Page 4II

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