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Character Male Mutants  Independent Season 3 Season 4
Biographical Information
Real Name: Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Alias: Colossus
Age: 17-20
Species: Mutant
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Originally From: Russia



Magneto's Brotherhood
X-Men (in the future)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Cyan/Blue
Height: 6'6
7'5 (transformed)
Character Information
Powers: Organic Steel Transformation
First appearance: Day of Reckoning I
Portrayed by: Michael Adamthwaite

"Then you will attempt it without the aid of magnetism... let us see how well you fight like a man!"
Colossus against Magneto

Must See Episodes


Colossus has been portrayed as a quiet, shy, young man. He's honest and innocent. Piotr is also a very talented artist.

Physical appearance

Piotr is a young, strong and muscular, Russian man with short, black hair and blue eyes. Even without his powers, he holds a physically-imposing figure, standing at 6' 6" (200 cm). In his armored form, he gains around a foot in height and his weight is at least doubled. His skin transforms into a sliver "organic steel" armor that covers his entire body, and he has no pupils or irises as his eyes become a silver color. Piotr usually wears a black, sleeveless bodysuit with a red, armored platlet that covers his chest area and gold, armored platlets on his shoulders. A red and gold accented belt goes around his waist with thick red combat boots for shoes.

Powers and Abilites

Ability to transform his entire body into a form of "organic steel". In his armored form, Colossus has invulnerability and superhuman strength, which enables him to lift around 100 tons under normal conditions, as well as superhuman stamina and durability. While in this state, Colossus requires no food, water, or even oxygen to sustain himself, and is extremely resistant to injury. He is capable of withstanding high-impact assaults, large caliber bullets, falling from tremendous heights, extreme temperatures, and electricity. Despite this near-invulnerability, a massive force stronger than himself can injure him. Also, Colossus cannot transform a portion of his body into this armored state; he must transform completely.

Early Life

Piotr Rasputin was born and raised on his family's farm in Russia. When Piotr's ability to transform his body into organic steel emerged, it allowed him to work around the farm and help out neighbors with ease. But it also brought the attention of Magneto, who was currently looking for new recruits for his Acolytes. When Magneto offered this, Piotr declined. So Magneto decided to hold Piotr's family hostage, thus forcing Piotr to join his new team (unwillingly) and does as Magneto wishes if he ever hopes to see them again.

Season 2

In the "Day of Reckoning," Colossus was introduced to the X-Men/Brotherhood team-up as a member of Magneto's new team, having yet to be named, along with Gambit and Pyro, as well as Sabretooth and Quicksilver. The strong Russian held his own during the fight, but after being knocked over by Blob, he was pulled into an abandoned building by Shadowcat, and then that was collapsed by Avalanche. This effectively defeated the powerhouse, though he was later seen fleeing with the other members of the team inside Magneto's magnetic pods.

Season 3

  • The Stuff of Heroes

Later, the President gives a speech saying that the X-Men have been cleared of all charges and that the real villain behind the Sentinel fiasco, Trask, has been jailed. He says that everyone should be more open minded about mutants and that from now on they should be free of any prosecution. Magneto and his Acolytes, along with Colossus, are shown watching the speech on the television.

  • Mainstream

In town, Wolverine is riding on his motorcycle when he meets up with Colossus riding another motorcycle. Colossus slams his fist into the back of a truck causing a huge wreck. Wolverine jumps the wreck and follows him. Wolverine catches up with Colossus at a barn and the two begin to fight.

Back at the barn, Colossus tells Wolverine that Magneto has sent him to deliver a message. Magneto wants Wolverine to come and join him. Wolverine tells Colossus that he won't be a lackey like him. Colossus gets upset and says he's not a lackey, as he has no choice. Wolverine tries to get him to join the X-Men, telling him that no matter what Magneto has on him that they can help. Colossus tells him that he can't and leaves. 

Mainstream - 24
Mainstream - 34 collosus

Season 4

Soon after these events, Wolverine was offered a place in Magneto's Brotherhood, through the strong-arm of the group, Colossus. Wolverine rejected the offer, saying that he didn't care for the thought of being a lacky. To this, Colossus responded that he was no lacky, merely that he had no choice, but refused to elaborate further.


We won!!

When the X-Men and The Brotherhood joined together in an attempt to stop Mesmero from resurrecting Apocalypse, Shadowcat and Colossus seemed to form a bond, working rather well as a team. Nightcrawler did not appear overly happy with this, constantly staying on-hand to make sure Kitty was alright.


Piotr in the future

He was later seen with one of the Strike teams in an attempt to stop Apocalypse.


In the future seen by Xavier when he was under Apocalypse's control, an adult (or older) Piotr joins the X-Men and becomes a part of the main team.


  • In Dark Horizon II there was a reason why the writers had Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Shadowcat as a group. In Marvel Comics, they were members of a Europe-based team called Excalibur.


  • It would be more appropriate to say that Colossus is not a villain but a victim because of Magneto's desire to recruit the strongest of mutants he can for the future against mankind, or an anti-villain, a so-called villain with moral intentions and heroic desires, such as freeing enslaved people.


Season Two:
Growing Pains

Power Surge

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

Fun and Games

The Beast of Bayville


On Angel's Wings

African Storm


Walk on the Wild Side

Operation: Rebirth


Shadow Dance


The Hex Factor

Day of Reckoning I

No Lines
Day of Reckoning II

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Season Three:
Day of Recovery

The Stuff of Heroes

No Lines

The Stuff of Villains

Blind Alley

X-Treme Measures

The Toad, the Witch,
& the Wardrobe

Self Possessed
Under Lock
and Key

Cruise Control

Dark Horizon I
Dark Horizon II

Season Four:

No Good Deed

Target X

Sins of the Son


Cajun Spice

Ghost of a Chance

Ascension I

Ascension II


Other faces of the Colossus

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