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Season Four

Day of Recovery - 2 scott w mystique

Cyclops, Storm and Mystique had split leadership in a mission to rescue all their missing teammates being held in Area 51, a military complex. During their escape, Cyclops left Mystique behind when she refused to tell him where she'd hidden Professor X. In this episode, Mystique gets her revenge. Scott gets a call from his brother Alex, who stuck in Mexico and needs a lift. Cyclops goes to his assistance only to be ambushed by Mystique. She knocks him out and abandons him in the Mexican desert withouthis glasses or visor. After a run in with wolves, Scott is found by desert workers and taken to the hospital, which he accidentally damages. Mystique finds him again and they fight in an abandoned warehouse. Mystique pretends to be Jean Grey to get the upper hand, but Scott sees through it blasts her just in time for the real Jean to arrive and finish the villain off. Jean was able to find Scot over such a great distance through a mental bond that they now realize they share. The end of this episode marks the beginning of a romantic relationship for Jean and Scott.

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