Danger Room- alert

The Danger Room is used by the X-Men in order to help train, and learn battle simulations inside the mansion

Everything is controlled from the Control Room, that is located inside the Danger Room but can be accessed both from inside, and outside the Danger Room using an elevator. From inside the control room, a user can simply punch in a level of difficulty to train with, either by themselves or in a group.

Things found in the danger room, Including, but not limited to; heat, cold, weather elements, giant robots, and other obstacles. Much of the weapons that are used here are the same ones used in and for the Security Systems

Danger Room- course

Danger Room Weapons

Danger room -Spiked balls

Danger Room Weapons

Danger Room- wepons 1

Danger Room Weapons

Danger Room- weapons work

Danger Room Weapons

Danger Room- course CU

Danger Room Obstacles

Danger Room- coursee

Danger Room Obstacles

Danger Room- VP Contosl

Control Room view of the Danger Room

Danger Room- see control room

View of the Control Room from the Danger Room

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