Egyptian Cat Guards

Dog-headed Egyptian Guard statue

The Egyptian Guard Statues were left behind to guard the Tomb of Apocalypse should anyone ever try to re-awaken Apocalypse along with the Mystical Arachnid.

They were the last line of defense should anyone ever figure out how to open the three doors which kept the ancient mutant sealed away.


The Egyptian Guards were four enormous statues, each with a different animal head referencing an Egyptian god. Due to their great size, the statues have enough strength to destroy giant rock pilars, and an amazing degree of resistance. Either by the material they are made of or some magical property that brought them to life, the Guards can withstand Storm's lightning bolts, Cyclops' optic blasts, Pyro's flame attacks, Iceman's ice attacks, Jean's telekinetic blasts, Quicksilver's tornado attacks and Magneto's magnetic attacks. Only combined attacks are able to destroy them, though the Guards will keep attacking any intruders, even when they are nothing but mechanical heads.


  • The Eygptian gods the guard statures are based off are: Horus (the falcon), Unut (the snake), Thoth (the ibis), and Wepwawet / Anubis (the jackal / dog).

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