Eye of Ages
"He mastered the secrets of this strange technology to reshape the world in his own image."
Beast translating the history of En Sabah Nur

The Eye of Ages was a weapon that Apocalypse was trapped in for ages.

Physical appearance

The Eye of Ages is a pyramidic machine with hierogliphics carved onto it. It can unfold to make six equal, triangular pieces. The interior is green and curved in to allow passengers.

Season 3

Knowing the importance of securing the last door, the X-Men, Brotherhood, and Acolytes all entered the passageway below the Sphinx, where a different machine with the ability of teleportation was located. As the ground started shaking, everyone was split into teams, depending on who fell in what area. Xavier, Magneto, and Beast were one team. They found ancient Egyptian writing on some walls about Apocalypse. After the war between Apocalypse and Rama-Tut, Nur found the source of Rama-Tut's power, the Eye of Ages. When he learned how to harness its power, he decided to turn the world's human population into mutants. When he started using it, however, it began sucking the life out of him, and his servants then caged him inside it. His servants then put the Eye of Ages in a chamber with three doors that take the power of a mutant to unlock. Magneto, Xavier, and Beast found the teleportation device, which was the Eye of Age's carriage.

In the meantime, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Gambit follow Mesmero, Mystique, and Rogue, who was mind-controlled to absorb all the X-Men's, Brotherhood's, and Acolytes' powers. Mesmero used Mystique to open the door to the chamber and Rogue to open the Eye of Ages and restore to Apocalypse his rejuvenated strength, in addition to the powers Rogue absorbed.

Season 4

After being arisen, Apocalypse used his three pyramids to shoot their tips up in the sky then split into billions of pieces, surrounding the Earth. He use the Eye of Ages to keep track with their progress.


  • Possibly, the Eye of Ages is some type by advanced, alien technology.
  • In addition, the Eye may also possess some sort of preservation abilities that keep the subject inside it in a state of suspended animation for thousands of years.

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