Character Male  Season 3
Biographical Information
Real Name: Façade
Species: Mutant
Affiliations: Morlocks
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Character Information
Powers: Meld with surroundings
First appearance: X-Treme Measures

Facade is a Morlock living in the sewers of Bayville.

Season 3

  • X-Treme Measures

This is the episode in which Façade makes his debut. Façade is one of the Morlocks Evan sees after he wakes up from his poisoning from Pow-R8, which is uniquely toxic to mutants. Facade also joins Evan and some of the other Morlocks in devestating the Pow-R8 plant the second time. He is with the other Morlocks when they make their run into the tunnels to escape the rushing wave of Pow-R8 created when Guy Spear tries to stop him and the others and is saved by the X-Men. He is also one of the Morlocks present when Evan chooses the Morlocks over the X-men.

Season 4

Powers and Abilities

Façade is a mutant with the power to literally meld with surrounding surfaces and assume their color or colors in a similar fashion to a chameleon blending into his enviroment perfectly. This does not mask his scent however, as Wolverine was able to sense his presence.

In addition, Façade also seems able to travel on the walls he melds into.

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