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Hearing Things
Issue Three, Pages 22
Comic 3
Release Date January 30, 2002
Written by Devin Grayson
Episode Guide
Seeing Clearly
Am I Blue?


Think it'd be cool to be able to read people's minds? Tell that to Jean Grey! Can she come to terms with her uncontrollable powers in time to stop the new mutant named Toad? And what does Cyclops make of this new red-haired girl as a teammate?






  • Charles Park - Artist, Colorist
  • Devin Grayson - Writer
  • Joe Quesada - Editor
  • Long Vo - Artist, Colorist
  • Ralph Macchio - Editor
  • Randy Gentile - Letterer
  • Studio X - Artist, Colorist
  • UDON - Artist, Colorist

Comic 3 - Page 1
Comic 3 - Page 1II
Comic 3 - Page 2
Comic 3 - Page 3
Comic 3 - Page 4

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