Kelly Sheridan
Kelly Sheridan
Biographical Information
Real Name: Kelly Sheridan
Born: May 19, 1977
Originally From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Personal Information
First appearance: Strategy X
Portrays: The Hex Factor

Kelly Sheridan (May 19, 1977) is a Canadian actor. She portrays Scarlet Witch on X-Men: Evolution.

Life & Career


X-Men Evolution Episode Guide

Season Two
Growing Pains
Power Surge
Bada-Bing Bada-Boom
Fun and Games
The Beast of Bayville
On Angel's Wings
African Storm
Walk on the Wild Side
Operation: Rebirth
Shadow Dance
The Hex Factor
Day of Reckoning I
Day of Reckoning II

Season Three
Day of Recovery
The Stuff of Heroes
The Stuff of Villains
Blind Alley
X-Treme Measures
The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Self Possessed
Under Lock and Key
Cruise Control
Dark Horizon I
Dark Horizon II

Season Four
No Good Deed
Target X
Sins of the Son
Cajun Spice
Ghost of a Chance
Ascension I
Ascension II


  • This does not include all credits.
Year Title Role Notes
1998 Ranma ½ The Movie Ukyo Kuonji Movie
1998 Escaflowne Hitomi Kanzaki 26 Episodes
1992 My Little Pony Tales Melody 2 Episodes
1996 Hana yori dango Tsukushi Makino 20 Episodes
1998 Sairento mebiusu Yuki Saiko 26 Episodes
2000 CardCaptors Nikk 24 Episodes
2000 Barbie Movies Barbie Movie
2001 Project ARMS Maya Tomoe 1 Episode
2000 X-Men: Evolution Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff 12 Episodes
2001 InuYasha Sango 144 Episodes
2003 Martin Mystery Diana Lombard 68 Episodes
2006 Class of the Titans Theresa 46 Episodes
2006 Nana Nana 34 Episodes
2007 Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot Surprise Bear 22 Episodes
2009 InuYasha: The Final Act Sango 26 Episodes

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