Biographical Information
Real Name: Lucid
Species: Mutant
Affiliations: Morlocks
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Yellow eyes

Black pupils

Character Information
Powers: X-Ray vision
First appearance: X-Treme Measures
Portrayed by: Lee Tockar

Character Male  Season 3 Season 4

Lucid is a Morlock living in the sewers of Bayville.

Season 3

This is the episode in which Lucid makes his debut. Lucid is one of the Morlocks to attack and vandalize the Power-8 plant in the beginning of the episode. Lucid is also one of the Morlocks Evan Daniels sees after he wakes up from his poisoning from Power-8, which is uniquely toxic to mutants. Lucid suggests, interrupting an arguing Caliban and Callisto , that they could use Spyke's help since Guy Spears has upgraded security. When Caliban disputes this, it allows Spyke to ask why they are down there in the first place, giving him his introduction to the Morlocks. It is revealed that the Morlocks, including Lucid, are fighting Guy Spears and his Power-8 because it is extremely toxic to mutants, even causing some of them to be near death.

Lucid uses his powers at the plant to show them which rooms they need to enter to complete their destruction of the plant that night. Lucid escapes the rushing Power-8 wave by running into the drains with the rest of the Morlocks, evading capture as well. When they hit a dead end, they are saved by the X-men. Lucid is the second one lifted out by Jean's telekinesis, away from the Power-8 flood. Lucid is present when Spyke tells Storm that he is choosing to stay with the Morlocks.

Season 4

He is the first Morlock to appear in the episode (not counting the recounts from previous episodes) when he lifts up the manhole cover to look at the dumpster of a local restaurant that he is targeting for scavenging food. He uses his powers to unlock the combination lock on the dumpster. When he opens the dumpster and pulls out a bag of food, a car pulls into the alley filled with anti-mutant humans who decide to try and attack Lucid. Their attack is stopped by a re-evolved Spyke. When Lucid tries to apologize for what the humans did, Spyke tells Lucid that it wasn't his fault and they bring the food down to the other Morlocks.

Powers and Abilities

Lucid is a mutant with the power of x-ray vision, allowing him to see through solid objects. This is particularly useful when picking locks.

It is currently unknown if he can see through lead, which x-ray vision is known to be unable to work on.


  • Lucid is a male reptilian mutant created only for X-Men Evolution. However, in 2017 comic book titled "Extraordinary X-Men", Marvel introduced a female mutant with the same name as the Morlock from the cartoon. She also has the same powers as the male Morlock.
  • Maya Jackson, who was the female mutant that also went by the name "Lucid", died in the comic book that she first appeared in.