A Pow-R8 bottle dropped by Spyke.

Pow-R8 is a sports drink that is extremely toxic to mutants. It was created by Guy Spear.

Season 3

Pow-R8 becomes a villain in its own right when it makes its debut in X-Treme Measures. A group of mutants, later revealed to be the Morlocks, are shown to be destroying vast amounts of the stuff not for the first time, in the middle of the night. Guy Spear, the owner of Spear Sports, the company behind the drink, is furious when he finds out about another attack. There is a skating competition being held in Bayville in the drink's honor.

Evan Daniels is set to compete in the skate competition. When he is at the competition, he picks up a bottle of the drink and a woman bumps into him whispering "poison". He drops it and doesn't drink it. After he quits the competition for being a mutant, however, he drinks part of another bottle and gets sick, further evolving into his mutation. The Morlocks take him in, take care of him, and tell them about how they are destroying the factory because of how dangerous the drink is.

According to Callisto, some of the Morlocks will not survive if it keeps seeping into the sewers, which is where Spear's vats are emptied into and where the Morlocks live. Evan decides to help them destroy the factory. They are caught in the middle of destroying it, and a bit of chaos causes the vats to tumble over, spilling Pow-R8 all over in a wave. The Morlocks rush into the sewers to escape it, but are caught at a dead end just as the X-Men arrive and save them.

Later, Guy is seen talking with Charles Xavier about the drink. Guy is dumbstruck over how these people wouldn't just talk to him, he would have helped. Ironically, once Charles is gone, Guy orders the factory back up and running in full production, implying that he is going to use it as a weapon against mutants in the future.


  • Pow-R8 is a parody of the real drink Powerade.

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