Rogue's outfits though-out the seasons. Rogue usually wears clothes that cover up most of her body due to her powers. Given her reclusive nature, she also wears a lot of dark clothing, thus giving her somewhat of a "goth" fashion sense. Every once in a while, Rogue will bear a little skin, but for the most part, we usually see her pretty bundled up. She has a lot of sharp outfits, many of which are form-fitting. Rogue also has quite a few outfits that are great for just lounging around.

Profile Rogue- civvies season one

Rogue Civvies #1 -Season One

Profile Rogue- X-Men Uniform

X-Men Uniform

Profile- rogue harry

Rogue with Sabretooth's powers

Outfit-Rogue-Civis dress up

Rogue's Civvies #2 -Season 2

Profile- rogue sexy

Rogue Civvies #3 -Season 3

Profile- rogue coat

Rogue in Trenchcoat

Profile- rogue syrin

Rogue's Bayville Siren Costume

Profile Rogue- Outdoors Outfit

Outdoor Clothing

Profile Rogue- Gym Clothes

Rogue's Gym Clothes


Rogue's Beach Clothes


Rogue's Pajamas.

Profile Rogue- Winter Outfit

Rogue's Winter Outfit

Profile Rogue- Formal Outfit

Rogue's Formal Outfit

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