Biographical Information
Identity: Secret
Species: Mutant
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Morlocks


Languages: Englsih
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 139 lbs
Character Information
Powers: transform into a large dragon-like creature
First appearance: X-Factor #11
Portrays: Scaleface



Scaleface could transform herself into a large, sentient, dragon-like reptilian creature

Early Life


After the Morlock Massacre storyline, Scaleface, Blowhard, Berzerker and Masque, part of The Tunnelers came up on Bobby Drake and Hank McCoy. They incorrectly believe that the two X-Men were threatening Leech and Caliban. A fight breaks out, with Leech neutralizing the powers on both sides. Eventually the group calms down, with the urging of Scaleface. As a group, they join with the remnants of X-Factor and make their way to safety. It almost goes badly as Thor's funeral pyre for the dead Morlocks nearly roasts Scaleface and all of her old and new allies. Dissatisfied with the possibilities at X-Factor's HQ, they sneak out, disguised and claiming to be the X-Factor 'cleaning staff'. Scaleface urges restraint in this escape, not wanting to kill. Attempting to simply go home, they stumble upon the Savage Wolf gang. When it is clear they are mutants, the gang opens fire, killing Blow-Hard and wounding Masque. The confrontation swiftly escalates, leading to a cordon by the police. Again, Scaleface urges restraint, explaining how the cops simply want to defend their own, like the Morlocks have. Scaleface transforms in front of the cops, who frightened, open fire, killing her. Berzerker goes mad, deciding to kill every human who hates mutants. Cyclops confronts him and in the fight, Berzerker vanishes below the water, seemingly destroyed by his own powers.

Scaleface was later resurrected as a zombie by the Black Talon as part of the X-Humed along with other dead mutants Changeling, Living Diamond and Harry Leland to fight She-Hulk. At the end, she is given a proper burial, including magical charms to keep her body from rising again.

However, Scaleface is among the dead mutants resurrected by the transmode virus that Selene sends to attack X-Force during the Necrosha storyline.

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