Seeing Clearly
Issue Two, Pages 23
Comic 2
Release Date December 26, 2001
Written by Devin Grayson
Episode Guide
Lines In The Sand
Hearing Things


Continuing the new series based on the hit Kids WB cartoon! What if deadly beams exploded from your eyes? Scott Summers possesses this terrible power -- and has found himself inducted into the fledgling X-Men! Now Scott -- code-named Cyclops -- and his teammates jet off to Alaska, where they must confront a powerful mutant detected by their Cerebro machine. But will the source of the signal be friend or foe? And when Cyclops is faced with danger, will he blink?






  • Charles Park - Artist, Colorist
  • Devin Grayson - Writer
  • Joe Quesada - Editor
  • Long Vo - Artist, Colorist
  • Ralph Macchio - Editor
  • Randy Gentile - Letterer
  • Studio X - Artist, Colorist
  • UDON - Artist, Colorist
Comic 2 - Page 1
Comic 2 - Page 2
Comic 2 - Page 3
Comic 2 - Page 4
Comic 2 - Page 4II

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