Wolfsbane - Comics
Biographical Information
Real Name: Rahne Sinclar
Identity: Secret
Alias: Wolfsbane

Queen Rain of Geshem

Age: 13-14
Species: Mutant
Religion: Presbyterian
Citizenship: Scottish
Place of Birth: Ullapool, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
Family: Craig Sinclair (Father)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Affiliations: X-Force

New Mutants
Paragons Squad

Languages: English
Husband: Hrimhari
Interests: Quicksilver
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2

8' (Wolf)
12' (Lupin)

Weight: 110 lbs.

410 (Wolf)
1, 050 lbs. (Lupin)

Character Information
Powers: Lycanthropy
First appearance: New Mutants #1 (1983)
Portrays: Wolfsbane



Able to shape change into various lupine states; in lupine form, has enhanced senses, strength and speed, claws and fangs. She also possesses accelerated healing, even in human form.

Early Life

Rahne Sinclair was an orphan in Scotland, raised by Reverend Craig. When her powers manifested, Craig attempted to perform an exorcism to cast out what he perceived was the devil. She was rescued by Doctor Moira MacTaggert who legally adopted her, and was introduced to Charles Xavier and enrolled as part of his New Mutants training team.


Sinclair subsequently joined the government-sponsored X-Factor, then the British super-team Excalibur before losing her mutant powers. Tragedy struck in her young life when her foster mother, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, was killed in an explosion caused by the mutant terrorist, Mystique. Sinclair swore revenge, but now that Mystique has joined the X-Men, she has been forced to resist her urges to kill her mother's murderer. Recently, Sinclair joined the Xavier Institute as a faculty member but left after a brief affair with student Josh Foley which resulted in the return of her powers. She has since joined the staff of X-Factor Investigations in Mutant Town.


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